Academic Principles

Academic Principles

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya (MMYVV) has been established with the aim to include the fruit of the knowledge of all the 40 aspects of Maharishi Vedic Science in day-to-day life of every individual.

The Forty Aspect of Maharishi Vedic Science
40 Aspects (view of complete Veda and Vedic Literature in Atma)
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya

The aim of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya (MMYVV) is to train ideal individuals, create problem free, disease free, sorrow free, conflict free, happy and fulfilled Ideal society, building ideal India and in the divine awakening of the land of the Veda, Land of perfection - Bharat to lead the way to peace and happiness for the whole world.

The main aim of this university of to bring to awareness of masses that creation of Heaven on Earth is possible and at the same time give them the total holistic knowledge of life, which is the key to establish Heaven on Earth. The principles of teaching and their application of this university are self-motivated, natural, eternal, the impulses of one's own self for everyone, that is why easily accessible for everyone.

The laws of Nature by which the whole world, the whole cosmos is being organized and the administration of the whole world is always orderly - by awakening those laws of nature in the consciousness of the individual the complete perfection in life can be achieved. This is the first Vedic university of this knowledge, forgotten from over thousands of years of Mugal and British rule. The university, which has emerged incorporating the theory and practice of the science of complete knowledge with the science of consciousness based education in midst of the modern objective science based field of education.

The present education system in India is not the education system based on Indian knowledge. The completion of Indian knowledge is through combination and comprehension of all the three; Adhyatmik, Adhidaivik and Adhibhutik fields. In present education system only one - Aadhibhautic (Physical) element is available. Aadhyatmic and Aadhidaivik elements are not included in education system anywhere i.e. at present only 33.33% of education is being provided.