Perspective/Strategic Plan

Perspective/Strategic Plan of the University

Perspective/Strategic Plan of the university has a strong basis and periodically to spread Vedic Message, Yogi Culture, Transcendental Meditation among the student and society at large through extension activities and academic pursuits. To implement this perspective plan and strategic plan is also drawn. Through this strategic plan all the deployment is conducted at various levels of stakeholders, neighborhood and society eg. The Transcendental Meditation brings in high power concentration, withdrawal of mind from outer world and rest in peace within. This sheds whatever tension, mental turbulence and individual is facing within the university has held camps of disturb communities like Jail Inmates, Police Groups and Old age homes. The results were so startling that most of the participants were able to forget their worries, botherations and tensions after the meditation. The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya (MMYVV) was established by the Act No. 37 of 1995 of Madhya Pradesh Government vides Gazette notification no. 537 dated 29 Nov 1995. The University is situated at Brahmsthan of India (geographical centre of India) Village-Karaundi, District-Katni Madhya Pradesh. The university is reputed to disseminate life oriented Vedic education and job oriented Modern education. It is the only university who has introduced Vedic Science and its Technologies in mainstream of modern education in totality.

It is the main strategy of the University to continue the process of culturing the individual to display perfection in life. Educational excellence should enable any individual to spontaneously utilize the total Creative Intelligence of Natural Law. All his thought, speech, and action will be spontaneously upheld by the silent power of peace that permeates all activity in the universe.

Unbounded is the potential of individual life; unbounded is the field of intelligence of every individual-every individual should be able to know anything, do anything spontaneously right, and accomplish anything through the support of Natural Law. Creating such a perfect individual is the purpose of this University.

MMYVV is designed to demonstrate perfection in education. It offers all knowledge in every brain, not fragmented Field of knowledge. It offers every individual daily life endowed with the ability to prevent problems and avert danger that has not yet come (Heyam Dukham Anagatam). The supreme ideal of education-perfection in life-is going to be the achievement of the University.

The perspective plan of the University is to complete the partial approach of modern education by introducing the "Aadhyatmik" and "Aadhidevik" aspects in all the discipline of the knowledge and also in the life of individual and society. To Implement the same students, faculty meditate collectively and correlate all the discipline emerge from the own silent level of consciousness and all the knowledge is converted to their own self realizing the Vedic aspiration of "Ayam Aatma Bramh" & "Sarvam Khalvidam Bramh" i.e they feel more self sufficient with themselves and are able to have more joyful learning and the teachers also teach not just as a duty but as radiating knowledge and bless.